Appolo Fashion



Appolo Fadous is a Lebanese fashion designer. His main showroom is in Jbeil (Byblos) and his workshop is in Batroun.

From a very young age, Appolo was interested in design. Growing up with seven sisters enabled him to practice his talent, designing and making dresses for weekend social parties and family affairs. Upon graduation from technical school, Appolo moved to Paris where he learned the techniques of drawing fashion dresses—selling sketches to well known dressmakers. He received his certificate of design from Centre de Formation & Conseil de la Mode (CFCM).

Upon his return to Lebanon, Appolo worked with various prominent designers plus offered individually designed clothes before finally opening his own couture house, Appolo Fashion, specializing in bridal dresses and eveningwear. Appolo Fashion dresses are sold worldwide.

Appolo believes that every woman is beautiful in her own way and she deserves to wear a classy and elegant dress. Our customers are always the reason for everything we do.


Fashion constantly evolves—as does Appolo. His design aesthetic is a mix of Western and Eastern cultures, both ancient and modern. Inspiration for a collection often starts with a simple idea, growing deeper and richer as Appolo peels each layer, and expanding as a new design evolves. As Appolo drapes raw material on a mannequin, he senses its movement, feels the color and hears the textures speaking to him.



Appolo and his team strive to create amazing couture dresses. Our hallmark is to search for the best fabric, the best material, the best beading—and then combine these items with our talented craftsman to make beautiful, handcrafted embroidered dresses for our clients.